Thinking About Things

For a little while, I am going to use this space to post poems and think about poetry and other things that are important to me. I think after getting mobbed on Twitter a few days ago, I’ve realized that social media spaces are just no longer healthy places to have any sort of real discussion about poetry and poetics which is disappointing. I’ve been on that platform for years but simply never experienced that sort of aggression and hostility; it was terrifying. Even if I had said [...]

Further Problems with Pleasure, now available for preorder

Cover design for Further Problems With Pleasure (University of Akron Press, 2017) “If Coleridge, Plath, Ovid, and Celan started a love commune where they built a manifesto Molotov cocktail out of the pastoral, eros, blank verse, and kitsch: it would be this book. A true original, thrilling in her brash complex feminism and virtuosic in sound and line, Simonds writes of the lives and desires trod upon by late capitalism and poetry.” —Carmen Giménez Smith, 2015 Akron Poetry Prize judge [...]


This is the official website of poet and critic Sandra Simonds. Site construction is in progress, but feel free to look [...]