Lola Ridge / Morris Rosenfeld

“The Ghetto” (1919), by Lola Ridge, an early 20th century radical anarchist poet, is a twenty-page, Modernist poem depicting the daily life and struggles of immigrant Jews, especially women, at the turn of the 20th century in New York City. Around 2 million Eastern European Jews arrived in New York City between 1881 and 1922 through Ellis Island, many of whom found work in sweatshops in the garment industry. Overall, “The Ghetto,” celebrates the lives and political struggles of these [...]

Further Problems with Pleasure, now available for preorder

Cover design for Further Problems With Pleasure (University of Akron Press, 2017) “If Coleridge, Plath, Ovid, and Celan started a love commune where they built a manifesto Molotov cocktail out of the pastoral, eros, blank verse, and kitsch: it would be this book. A true original, thrilling in her brash complex feminism and virtuosic in sound and line, Simonds writes of the lives and desires trod upon by late capitalism and poetry.” —Carmen Giménez Smith, 2015 Akron Poetry Prize judge [...]


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