This edition was limited to 100 signed copies. $35 + $5 shipping


11 Triptychs is a limited edition, signed, hand-bound chapbook with a hand screen printed cover that began as a correspondence between the poet, Sandra Simonds, and interdisciplinary artist and writer, Summer J. Hart. Sandra sent 11 of her triptych poems to Summer, who scanned the poems for lists of words, phrases, and visual impressions: columns of rock, fire, blood mixing with water, bodies entwined, Let’s Make the Water Turn Black. Summer responded with a series of abstract drawings in ink, salt, and other natural materials that absorb or repel water such as stones and breath. To echo Sandra’s three-columned poems, Summer worked in batches of threes. Some pieces are quickly recognizable as triptychs while others contain objects or creature-forms with threes as either the positive or negative space. Sandra and Summer picked 11 of the drawings, and over the course of several months paired poem to salt / salt to poem. These pairings don’t always appear side by side in this collection but are connected by their titles, each an appropriated line from one of Sandra’s poems. 

All copies are hand-bound by Sandra Simonds and Summer J. Hart. The jacket was designed and hand screen printed by Summer in her Cold Spring, NY studio.